Please see “EVENTS” for videos and photographs of
*Community Memorial (June 8th: Flatbush, Brooklyn)
*St. John’s University Memorial (April 28th)
*Left Forum 2014 panels related to Rod (New York, NY)
*Critical Sociology 2014 panels related to Rod (San Francisco, CA)

In The Story of Marcus Garvey documentary  (around 1:23:27, but watch the whole video!)

At the Manning Marable conference (2012)

At 2011 Left Forum: How Do We Shift the Black Revolutionary Center Back to the Youth

International Sociological Forum, Buenos Aires, Argentina (July 2012) delivered by video

At the Asian American/Asian Research Institute (June 1, 2007)

On a more personal note: Rod and Mel serenade grandchildren

One thought on “Videos

  1. Professor Melanie Bush shared her story with my class of Community, Love, and Justice. Often times I don’t connect with professors or their stories, but this one brought me to tears. I am so glad to have taken your class professor and I am so beyond glad that you shared your story with me. I hope to have the love that you give others. Thank you for being such a great inspiration. As you say, “A piece of my heart walks with you.”

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